Silver Quest.

Brought to you by Saffisara, Enginewitty, The Alliance and The Hive.

Starting of with an absolute 0. Well not exactly. A small delegation is there to help with the post. (Need the RC’s). No, we won’t be asking for delegation. We can call this a test run of sort. This test run will decide if the project is worth to carry on I guess. I do not expect this trial period to be a brief one. It will take at least 13 week’s. What a coincidence the same a power down time. We will get to a few details later. Right now we would like to build up to 100 Steem. This is yes, determined by the price of Steem. 100 Steem does not seem so ambitious a target to reach and I am sure a community of people could do it with a bit of time.

@silverquest is also the name of the account we are going to use.

Why this project?

Why not? This is a novelty idea and possibly an investment of sort in the value of your purchase. While the silver price and the Steem price is beyond our ability to control. A new opportunity has presented itself. Making use of what is available to assist us grow is something we should be doing at every opportunity. This is one of those times. The alliance itself is not about growing big and being a big brother figure on the platforms. We still need to grow the account and gain support from different avenue’s that we are presented with. We are going to start with a Silver coin. No. We are going to start by generating enough Steem to purchase a Silver coin. If there is a member of TheAlliance wishing to sell a coin, maybe we can work together.

Let’s make it all about the Silver.

So we want to gain a silver coin. What do we do once we gain one?

@Enginewitty has agreed to act as a treasurer so to say for the coins. (Nominated seconded gavel down deed is done.) (Told ye I’d drag ye kickin’ and screamin’ We would trade the coin again, Hopefully with a small increase on what we paid. Getting someone else to pay more than you paid for the same thing is not an easy thing to do. They would with all reason go to the same source as us. We need to make our silver coin, better than the silver coins other have.

We would like to encourage many to get their coins through us. Even though yes, it will cost a bit more than you may normally pay. Pay more for my coin than I need to pay, I can hear the minds out there clocking up miles. We are going to off-set this additional cost to you.

Unfortunately I do not have a silver coin to begin this process so we will build the finance to gain one. We very well might have one in a week to begin this though. So keep watching The Alliance. 

Everybody likes shiny stuff. Maybe not everybody. But a whole lot of people do. Here’s a chance for an opportunity for a lot of people. To the coins we offer up we will attach some Steem. The coin will be registered to you through us. If you trade the coin and wish to transfer the Steem value along with the coin. You will need to notify us. The Steem while registered to the coin is only redeemable on the coins traded through The Alliance. 

The coin will only be redeemable for the Steem through The Alliance. We cannot hold others to the obligation of returning Steem. The amount of Steem attached to the coin is determined by the comparative price in SBD, but less than the value of the coin. When the price of Steem rises. You may wish to trade back the coin for a value the Steem will give.

The exact figures for this will vary, again dependant on the value of Steem.

Development of working with traders or other coin holders is being examined. We hope to bring this online as we develop the project. We have enough Steem to purchase one coin possibly two.


Investment is being looked too and if it would be needed. The only difficulty I see with investment is the same thing it provides. While it does provide growth assistance. The remuneration negates quite a lot of the benefit. Finding an equal value which might be agreeable to both parties.We will look at this to find a sweet spot for both. An investment now. Would mean a purchase of a coin for the account @silverquest .

I am unsure of rewards for delegation. Right now any delegation is received as a contribution of support.


We will purchase a coin over the weekend. Using this coin to begin. The amount of Steem to be attached has yet to be shown. Once purchased, Steem generated will be used to return the original amount of Steem. (the same for any investor). We currently have one promise of a coin also to assist us to begin. This will also be returned the value in Steem when used.



Coin Images Supplied by @Saffisara

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