Future, SMT’s.

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SMT’ what will they mean to me and you? Probably not much more then another token we collect and have no idea what to do with it. Stake it up if you can, if that option is not there, trade it for what you can get or hodl it. That’s about really all you can do with it. The benefits to each option is one you have to make for yourself. No tips here.

I think they hold potential. Something that to me offers much more in the long term than just the initial dollar value they may hold. Just like history will show you, there will be a mass production of new SMT’s once they start. Just as there was with the crypto currencies once a coin gained value. The same thing will happen once they are released.

I would like to make use of one myself and have plans for what it could do, or even what a few of them could hold purpose for. The one I want to make would hold a five Euro value. This would be at its official launch. It would fluctuate for a while  That would be a down trend. A great opportunity for those with some spare mulla. Anything cheaper will hold a value of €5 on redemption. Redemption yes would be limited to what we provide.

The means for distribution and usage can be done with various methods easily employable to my simple understanding of the SMT. Which is basically a Stake in Steem to empower the actions you want your community to undertake. In that community the amount of tokens available produced how they are produced I am assuming the creator would have some control over.

If I could get a team together to work on that token. It would be phenomenal. I might hold bias, but it would  There is only one way to prove me wrong. I double dog dare you. Prove me wrong lol. Why try the impossible.

From what I see the new SMT tokens will provide or ease the burden on the need for Steem to some degree. The amount of resource credits available for each Steem is the value here. If an account is merely used for transactions a few times a day. A small delegation is quite capable of keeping that account going. An account with 100 Steem powered up could easily support 10 accounts by delegation for transaction purpose only.

Gaming accounts may require more. depending on the detail of the game, I can see a time come were levelling up will be determined by the accumulated SMT tokens powered up to support the powering up of more Steem. A secondary market for Crypto tokens will begin. members of one group wanting to try things in another group will trade game tokens for use on the various games. These can all be pegged at each individual value against Steem or SBD.

The best thing about the token I want to make though is. If you ever exchange it for FIAT. When you want to change that fiat back. That particular token will give you exactly that 5 dollars worth of our coin. I do plan to have the token we create have additional intrinsic value. That will encourage holding the token as opposed to trading it for a weaker value.

Again none of this is the opinion or representation of the opinion of The Alliance or its members.

The Hive.



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