As responsible children of the planet, it is our duty to look after mother nature especially in winter.

Why does nature need looking after? You might wonder. It is because man has been looting nature for a long time now and the damage that has been done has already caused the extinction of many species and it cannot be undone. However, as humans, we can prevent further damage.
For example, the color-changing chameleons are slowly on the path to extinction as per a report. The damage to the climate is what is harming these creatures. We can do our bit, still and I hope at least one person will share this message to others to spread the awareness.
* Please leave water bowls outside the house so that thirsty birds can drink water
* Make sure you water the plants as the climate is too dry(tropical regions)
* Always be careful and never throw away a lighted stick or matchstick because it could easily help start a fire and with dry leaves lying around, it is really dangerous
* Allow the birds to use empty spaces so that they can build nests
* If you have pets, make sure that they drink water and stay hydrated
* Try not to waste water because it is indeed precious.
* Try collecting dry firewood
* Be careful not to disturb the surrounding nature
* Try to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as you can
I hope these tips are useful
# Go green
written by @sayee for @thealliance
second image – sayee


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