Day 748: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday – Prompt: retirement

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(Be active always if you can help it. Turn to farming or if you love to travel, go for it. Explore new places)




Why retire? Today’s prompt by @mariannewest made me think of many elders in my family. They were very active people who were always busy with office work, chores and whatnot. They were so busy that some could not even attend family functions and such.

After retirement, they are now moping around in the houses. No official duties and so they get up late, eat in their own free time and do not look very happy at all.

This is not a happy situation that they are in.

Why retire at all. Why do people think that life is finished after they retire from work?

There are many jobs that people can still do after retirement. They can also find time to pursue their hobbies. They can start a small scale industry; develop their skills or start a business. Gardening and farming are not bad ideas.

When you have the will to do something, nothing is going to stop you from doing it except your own fears and doubts.  


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written by @sayee for @thealliance

By the grace of God

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