The planet is facing the aftermath of the exploitations by the human. Each day, new vehicles enter the road and start to pollute the environment. Factories pour waste in the rivers and natural resources are being used more than ever.

During the last century, the man started using utensils made of metal. It was convenient, cheap and lasted long. It did not break either.

Studies now reveal that utensils made of aluminum are harmful to the body. People hesitate to buy such utensils and go for the steel ones which are costlier but even then can we be entirely sure that these are harmless too and whether or not they contain other metals?

No one can guarantee it.

It is better if we consider using clay pots for cooking. These are organic, cheap and safe to use and have been used for centuries.

People in my state use these pots to make traditional fish curries and even cook rice. They say that the taste is far better than the dishes cooked in other pots.

The clay pots can be used on the gas stove also besides the firewood stove or the biogas stove.

If given an opportunity, would you try cooking in a clay pot?


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