She was a little upset that morning. Her favorite cup had broken that morning. It was one gifted to her by her students. She had placed it on her table and started to write on her blog page when her cat jumped and upset the cup and before she could catch it, it had crashed on the floor.

Thankfully, she had drunk the coffee or else, the carpet would have sustained stains forever and she was not in a position to replace anything.

She tried to write a post on happiness but how could she when she was not happy at all. So, she decided to let go and started to watch TV. It did not help and so, she decided to post a status on WhatsApp about her feelings.

‘feeling upset; broke my cup’

Within minutes, it had been read by many people and by the evening, a courier boy delivered a parcel to her. She opened it, wondering what it could be.

She was delighted to see that it contained a new cup just like the one she had. It must have been her students again. She updated her status again along with a picture of the cup and thanked the anonymous sender.

image source

written by @sayee for @thealliance


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