• patience
  • optimism
  • the fighting spirit
  • joy
  • love
  • enthusiasm
  • discipline
  • hard work

Imagine that you are traveling. The person seated next to you on the bus observes you for a minute and decides to talk to you. You are polite and listen to what the person has to say. Slowly, the person starts to talk about his/her troubles in life and how it is starting to affect his/her life and so on. You nod and sympathize try and be patient to hear it out. You open your mouth to say something but can’t get a word in between. After a while, your patience is tested and you start to get irritated and angry and turn away and pretend to fall asleep. The troubled guy/gal pokes you but you are almost close to winning an Oscar for enacting sleep.

I hope you, the reader are able to understand what I tried to convey. It is not just strangers alone. Even a member of the family can be disturbing and also make us wary of their presence and drive us to avoid them. Some people even make us think that life is not worth living at all. Please avoid such people because they can cause others also to feel depressed.

Life is not about looking back or rewinding problematic situations that remind us to not feel happy or great.

Life is about starting each day afresh and being grateful for what we have rather than what we do not have. Share what you have with others and spread joy and cheer. It could be a smile, even.

Stay blessed.

image source – @sayee

written by @sayee for @thealliance


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