A rainy day. Cold weather and a hungry feeling.

What foods will you like to eat?

(mine – I like pickle sandwich or a sandwich with spinach curry)

Hot foods give a feeling of fullness and comfort. A satisfied stomach will also lead to a happy mind and body. That is why it is said that giving food to others is the best form of charity you can ever do. Nobody will ever be satisfied with the money you may give but as for food, no one can eat more than a limit. Both the giver and the taker will be satisfied and happy.

Whatever food you like to have or not have, always remember to have balanced meals. Plan your intake accordingly. Never eat more sugary foods that are loaded with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and the like. It may look attractive, taste attractive and cheap but in the long run, will certainly affect even the healthiest person.

Easy to prepare healthy foods include leafy salads, sandwiches, fruit salads, rice flakes, corn flakes, oats, homemade soups, pie and the like. It is also better to prepare jams and sauces at home. you can do without the harmful preservatives.

Have you considered making butter at home?

Just buy around two liters of milk and boil it. After it cools, pour curd that is already available or lemon juice. Leave it overnight and check the next day if you have got thick curds. Churn it with a mixer or with a wooden churner in the traditional way and you will get good homemade unsalted butter.

Think about it.


image – sayee (beans stir fry with coconut on a slice of bread)

written by @sayee for @thealliance




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