All she wanted was love. The smiles, the care, and the hugs during those difficult days but what she got was cold stares, indifferent looks while going out together and the harsh retorts.

Was that love?

Certainly not. It was more of a burden than love.


It was nowhere near love, not even like those facebook likes. It was only a compromise; a compromise in life when one had to keep the gossiping mouths shut and pretend that everything was fine.

She watched romantic movies and wished that she too would get to meet someone real. A person who would really love her back 100%.

Was that possible? She thought it over and over and decided that she would break it up with her boyfriend.

He was taken by surprise and refused to end it. He was used to her and her services. Well, she made sure that he regretted treating her badly and asked him to leave for good. He left reluctantly and she felt free, finally. Free of all the crap that had choked her all these years.

She jumped up in joy and went to the beach. Ready to start living life again.


written by @sayee for @thealliance

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