When you zero down the differences between a man and man

when religion is removed and love is practiced

God appears and racism disappears

Life is a gift. It is a gift given to all beings. What happens when the ego flares up and boats you to an extent that you cannot see clearly. You end up losing clarity and become judgemental. The others seem lesser beings and you walk around with an air of haughtiness.

The above is true of so many people nowadays and that is how the world is slowly being destroyed. All because of the ego of a few people who are possessed with ‘isms’

Let go of the limitations.

Do you not realize that you are but smaller than a speck of dust in this vast universe?

Why then fight in the name of color, race, religion and political ideologies?

Man is the only being which tries to subdue other beings on the planet. He is the only one with an ego even bigger than his own head.

When the ego is shed and the realization dawns, then life becomes less complex and more peaceful.

Ubuntu – I am because we are

The above  – ‘a philosophical view by @sayee’ and does not represent the views of anyone part of @thealliance family. Please do not take offense and it was not written to hurt the sentiments of any person. 

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