The washing machine door is stuck. It is not opening. What to do with the clothes which are inside and imagine the amount of money that the service person who may finally come after repeated calls, will demand.

I faced this situation today morning and decided to continue writing my post for @naturalmedicine. Then, I got an idea and searched online. Google is such a help in these kinds of situations, especially.

I watched the video – the first result that came up and tried as the presenter advised. The first attempt and I was successful in opening the door. I am so thankful for the help because it not only saved me from paying a huge maintenance fee but also for being able to take the clothes out and dry it.

If you like, please watch the video. The channel eSpares also has other videos.

  • whenever something is stuck, try switching it off and start it again
  • if you feel  your mobile is too hot, switch it off and keep it under the pillow for half an hour or so
  • if the CD door is stuck, try inserting a needle through the tiny hole and py it out but switch off the device first
  • if the sink is clogged, then make a mix of baking soda and vinegar and pour it in and try pouring some boiling water too

written by @sayee for @thealliance



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