Crap experiences I have had on Amazon is what led me to write this. My account which was created years before was compromised with and has not been restored. Ok, that is not what I mean to write about. I later signed up from a new account and had some bad experiences. Just to help others avoid hassles, I will write down a few points as tips.

  • When you are searching for an item to purchase from Amazon or other sites, please look out for various brands instead of just choosing an item and putting it in cart. You could get the same thing for a lesser price on the same site itself
  • Read the customer reviews because it really is important and will help you in choosing a product that is good enough
  • Some sellers may not have good feedback even though the product may be good and even if they offer a lower price, please do not choose it because the delivery may be affected and you might even have to face a lot of troubles in getting the refund from amazon
  • If the price of the product is not too high, go for the cash on delivery option rather than paying beforehand
  • In case there is am EMI option, opt for it because this will ensure that amazon will be prompt in regard to delivery
  • Search for coupon codes and use it because it will help you save money

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written by @sayee for @thealliance



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