Day 746: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday – Prompt: trophy


Okay, so timer set for @freewritehouse

She was staring at the trophy. The huge golden colored trophy sat on the table. It had a crystal on top and looked so brilliant. She could not believe her eyes. She had actually won it.

She had been the target of all those who made fun of her. She was not good at sports. She was a nerd figure but was average in the class and yet when the final results were published, she was the one who topped the class. All the students were too surprised. The teachers too had not expected her to do so well in the public examinations.

Needless to say, her parents were proud. They knew that her hard work would pay off.

The trophy reminded her that discipline and hard work was all that mattered and not recognition from those who did not even care for her. The look that her classmates had when they came to know of her success told her how skin-deep their praise was.

This was a turning point. She had regained her confidence.

She had walked towards the stage to receive the trophy, her head held high.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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