It was raining heavily. She had an umbrella but she was wet, thoroughly and shivering too.

The day had been long and she could not just leave the office before completing the file that she was given that day. Besides she had friends in the company who were very cooperative indeed.

All her friends had left and she was all alone now, standing in the bus stand.

A blue car sped by. She noticed that the driver was reversing it and wondered what had happened, A man got out and asked her if she wanted a lift. She refused at first but noticed that his family was also present and she agreed.

She thanked him. and asked him where he lived. His wife looked at her and smiled. She looked angelic and there was a distinct smell of flowers inside the car. She had felt apprehensive at first but now she relaxed and listened to the song from the CD.

She remembered that she had not mentioned where she lived but the car was now approaching her house. She looked at them and felt uneasy. How had they known where she lived?

Anyway, she thanked the man and his wife and got down from the car. She asked them politely if they wanted a hot chocolate but they refused, saying that they were getting late. She waved goodbye and they went. There again, she had forgotten to ask where they lived.

Her boyfriend came over. He asked her who they were and why their car seemed to have a strange number on the number plate. She asked him what the number was. He replied that it was written G – 9. Just G-9

Both of them went inside her house and she seemed to be in a shock. He asked her what the matter was and she said that while waiting for transport, she had prayed to God that she just wanted him to help her out and take her back safely to her house and that she was scared to stand there alone.

They both looked at each other, speechless.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


The above is a piece of fiction and has no resemblance to anyone and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any person. It is the work of Sayee and does not represent the views of the Alliance family as a whole. 


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