Short story

She stared in disgust at the pile of clothes lying around. The books that were scattered and the kitchen sink that was full of unwashed dishes. What more could make her life miserable? Of course, guests and those too unexpected ones who called to tell her and not request her that they were coming over to stay for a couple of days. She felt a headache coming and just sat down, not knowing what to do or where to start. Should she just call them back and tell that it was an inconvenient time but she knew that she would not be able to do it. She was too soft and many people just took advantage of her kind nature.

Her friend came over. After speaking to her for a few minutes, both of them started cleaning the room. The clothes were folded and the books were kept back on the shelf. The dishes were also done in time and they both went out to have a bite. The guests would be coming over by evening. She hoped that they would adjust to sleeping on whatever they found comfortable. Her friend suggested that she lock away her stuff just in case there were children who liked to tear papers and all. She looked at her in shock. Of course, there were children too and suddenly, she did not feel so sure about all this. Anyway, she locked her files and the novel manuscript that she was working on in her desk.

Evening came and she hoped her guests would choose to eat outside rather than prepare dinner. She really wished they would have gone on to rent a room instead of disturbing her. The doorbell rang and she opened the door.

She did not expect to see the tall handsome guy who stood smiling at her. With him was his mother who was her ex-neighbour whom she had not seen in years. She had not expected them. Her aunt and family had decided to rent a more spacious place and sent these people over to hers. She took them inside, smiling secretly. Glad to see them and hoping the guy was single…


written by @sayee for @thealliance

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