Embrace a tree,

admire its beauty.

The nests that are built up and

where new chicks perch on the branches,

ready to learn how to fly.

The fruits that attract the birds;

the fallen ones for the cows.

The shade that gives relief to the traveler

and the breeze that is prompted by the leaves.

A tree is a blessing

a gift of nature

that the human tries to cut

and use it as he deems fit.

Cut in ‘lots’,

he tries to claim the land

Alas, he does not see

the harm that come to be.


Deforestation destroys the planet and causes floods. It slowly turns the land to a desert and drives away the bird life. Please spread the message of ‘GO GREEN’ and help to plant saplings. If you do not happen to have land, please donate saplings to the public park or to others who may have farm land.


written by @sayee for @thealliance

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