The sights and smells of nature,

the newly wet mud,

the dew drops that stick on to the petals,

the scent from the jasmine

and the subtle smell of the roses

the cows that moo

telling that they want to go out and graze

the hens that cluck their tone of disapproval

and the dogs that bark of the new arrival

cats walk about declaring their meowjesties

the storks fly around

trying to spot the fishes

imagine all this

even if you are stuck in an apartment

it does not cost two cents to daydream

and it pleases the heart so much

that it relaxes your muscles

and you are refreshed for the time being

the morning starts off with a strong cup of coffee

and the smell of toast and jam

or butter spread along with a dash of pepper and salt

mornings need not be a tiring affair

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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