Once upon a time, a sparrow decided that he wanted to search for love. He had heard that love was very beautiful and divine and that it would give endless happiness. Now, the sparrow did not know where to start looking for love and so he decided to ask his friends.

The sparrow flew to the farm where the cock and hen were his friends and so were the cows. He asked them about love but they replied that t they did not know who love was. The sparrow was disappointed but did not give up hope. He went inside the jungle and perched on a high branch. A group of elephants passed by and he asked the female elephants’ about love. They smiled at him and walked on. The sparrow was hesitant to follow because he was afraid of elephants. So, he then flew off to the school where the children who gave him grains, studied. He saw their classroom and sat on a tree branch just outside.

The teacher was talking about love. The sparrow became excited and listened carefully. Now, there was someone knowledgable who was speaking of love. The teacher told the students that love was something not limited to the physical. It had a connection with the mind and soul. Love made people unselfish and caring. It made people forget faults and blunders and helped all to share food and wealth without asking or requesting anything in return.

Love is expressed through physical gestures and transferred positive energy, the teacher remarked. Love heals, she added.

The sparrow was moved. Now, he understood what love meant. He had seen the love of the cow towards its calf; the love of the hen who stayed alert and rounded the chickens; the love of the female elephant who guided the baby; the children who fed him grains and the love of the teacher for the students.

The sparrow flew back happily to his nest where his mate was feeding the chicks.

Love was part of his life and he was thankful for it.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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