The worm liked to talk a lot. So, it got up in the morning and after drinking a little water, it crawled its way to the neighbor’s house. The worm was very proud of its beautiful looks. It had carefully hooked up a piece of mirror that a human had thrown away and always looked into it to admire its shiny body which was maroon in color.

The worm knew that the other worms envied the color but the birds would find it attractive enough to eat and so, the worm crawled carefully, trying to avoid the eyes of the birds which were always flying around in the morning. The neighbor worm was expecting the friend and had collected food. At last, the two worms met and talked for ages. They discussed how humans were careless and stupid enough to destroy the environment. They were afraid that all the pesticides would make them extinct. Earlier, there were many colorful worms around but none of those were spotted nowadays. The black one with yellow stripes which they called the ‘Tiger worm’ was long gone.

Sad that nothing much could be done about the situation, the worm returned home.

The worm’s request

If you are a human and can read this, please plant a sapling. Stop pollution and recycle as much as you can. Stop using plastic.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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