The fight for freedom

all are aware of it

the fight to be heard and seen

senseless to those who are mighty

meaningless to those who do not care

when fear is aroused in the enemy’s mind

then begins the trample and the agony

when one man beats the other

to prove that he is the almighty

wars have been fought

battles have been won

but where there is bloodshed

is there really a victory?

countries pile up their arms

and mothers feed their children

those that embrace warfare

are they to be sacrificed 

for the sake of a few egoistic men?

life is not to be spent in warzones

love can create more 

even vanquish the evil hatred

and dissolve the mist of anger

countries have lost many a man

and children are afraid of the noises

it is time to rebuild the planet

and recreate the garden of God



written by @sayee for @thealliance 

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