Are you the parent of a teenager? Then, I bow down to you with respect. 

Gone are the days in which teenagers and children, in general, had respect for elders and even if they did some mischief, they were punished and no one came up with any complaints. 

There will, of course, be generation gaps and if you happen to be the parent of a teen who is a millennial, then you will get me and what I am trying to say. 

What exactly is the problem?


  1. Teenagers do have attention disorders – you can’t expect them to pay attention to what you say for more than a minute and they are back to staring at their mobile
  2. Lack of respect – you know what I mean
  3. Lack of cooperation – family values are kind of disappearing
  4. Observation – do you feel that kids are less observant these days?

I am not against children but just as we help children with their studies, we should try to make them understand that giving respect and love is just as important as getting respect from others. Children and especially teenagers should be taught the value of money and how to handle it carefully. 

Many a time, teens are not capable of handling their life maturely and end up getting hurt. So, as elders, it is our duty to guide them along the right path until they are equipped to live right without the help of anyone else.

I can hear someone thinking that why cannot children handle their life properly and why this writer thought so? Well, for one thing, elders which means parents or teachers and even aunts and uncles are more experienced and learned and know about the pitfalls of life and therefore advice so that the children do not commit the same mistakes that they had made, perhaps. Nothing more. No selfish interests other than the welfare of the child.

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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