She counted the window bars. She repeated the process but her eyes remained wide open. Sleep was evading her. She could hear the snoring of her roommate. Listening to the steady sound might induce sleep, she thought and tried concentrating but it did not work either.

What kept the sleep away?

She was not idle. She was always working. She was not having any other issues either.

The ability to relax. Relax her muscles and she would be able to sleep.

She lay awake and decided that she would try to learn how to relax her muscles. She must be getting old. The years were catching up on her but then had she not read about aged couples traveling throughout the world as if age did not matter.

Why was she not able to even sleep?

Then, the bulb lit.

The answer was clear.


She was always afraid. Afraid of this; afraid of that and that fear was eating into her and making her lose her sleep.

She had to let go of the fear.

Fear would not solve problems. Worry would not ease life.

It would only complicate matters and make her incapable of doing anything.

So, she decided to be brave.

Come what may and live each day as and when it comes.

Life is like a game where each challenge makes you more smarter and experienced, she thought and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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