Short story

She lit the lamp

The sun had set. She walked along the seashore. Loneliness was no more an issue but she did feel she needed company, sometimes. The people had left the beach. The street hawkers too were packing up. The cool breeze did not do much to ease her pain. She hung her head and continued walking.

Eliza jerked when she bumped into a person and looked right into the eyes of a man who was now trying to steady her. She mumbled an apology and tried to walk past him. He smiled at her and quietly asked her if she needed some help. She noticed that he was one of the beach regulars. He was a middle-aged man who came alone always, sat on the beach and left after some time. She wondered why he was alone as he was very attractive. He noticed her questioning look and offered her a drink which she accepted and they both walked into a nearby shop.

As they were waiting for their drinks, he asked her to talk about herself if she did not mind. He also said that he, George, was a widower and often came to the beach where he had often hung out with his late wife. He said he had noticed her house was nearby and had seen her many a time. She told him that she had looked after her parents and never had bothered to look for a company which left her very lonely after they passed away.

They both talked to each other for a long time and she found that they had a lot of common interests. One meeting led to the next and soon she invited him to her house for dinner. He came on time and was fascinated by how creative she was and the way her house was kept. He asked her ‘the question’ that evening and she accepted.

Eliza finally lit the lamp her mother had given her. Her mother had told her to light it, the day she married.


A short story written by @sayee

image source Рpixabay free 


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