There was once a time

when we played in the sand

when people did not mind the sun

and children knew true fun

that had scraped knees and rolling in the dirt.


Life was very simple back then

there were no gadgets to distract anybody,

there was no talk of intolerance

there was no mention of waste disposal

nor was there any excess food.


Clothes were bought only if the old ones were worn off

and if hand me downs were no longer fit

Mothers made clothes

that would perfectly do

and fashion was meant for the fashionable.


Food was homemade

and children healthy

Natural medicine was a granny’s recipe

which made you healthy again

Castor oil was a child’s nightmare although


Times have changed

Intolerance, mobile addiction,

to name a few

Man is slowly drifting away

from what once made his day.


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written by @sayee for @theallaince









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