Ideas to recycle, reuse and refurbish

  • Do not store grocery items in the packets it was bought; store it in containers that can be used repeatedly. Investing in quality containers is worthy.
  • Give away old newspapers, magazines, paper packages, cardboard boxes, old plastic bottles, and such stuff to the recycling centers or else reuse it in some way
  • Do not throw away old mobile phones. Instead, sell it to sites like Amazon which refurbish it and sell.
  • What if you have clothes that you no longer use? You can mix and match clothes and accessories or donate to those who are needy. In some places, new mothers get clothes for babies, from older mothers because it is believed to be lucky for the newborn.
  • If you happen to have tyres that you do not use, convert it to a pot and plant saplings. You can make seed trays and grow bags in a similar fashion from old delivery bags. Small plants can be grown in it and the seed trays will also be useful to carefully grow saplings that can be replanted later.
  • Instant noodle cups? Wash it and use it as a pen holder or get creative and decorate it and gift it to someone.

Do share your ideas on how you do this.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance



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