Are your kids’ picky eaters? Do they make faces when you give them food?

That means you are wrong somewhere and instead of scolding the child, you have to try devising a meal plan that will ensure healthy eating habits for the child and satisfaction to you, as a parent.

How come most children refuse healthy food. Have you ever thought about it? It is not possible and it is not right to buy food from outside and give it to your child each and every day. Instead, try to work out something that will suit you both.

The first step is to find out what the child likes to eat. Does the child like sweet? sour? spicy? fruits?

Most children like food if it is good to look and colorful. So, make sure that the food you cook looks attractive and colorful. Imagine that you are appearing before a judging panel and try to do your best.

The next step is to invite the child to help in the kitchen. Children love to explore and learn. So, if they are made to help, they will surely not turn their faces from the food. Instead, they will be enthusiastic and also learn how to cook, along the way.

Am I, right?

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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