Welcome Everyone

You are officially invited to enter the castle grounds and mingle with #thealliance! Up until now, we have been a closed #community but with recent things coming to pass, we realize that community is what is going to strive, survive and thrive on our beloved #blockchain. We feel that by embracing anyone and everyone, that we can help to strengthen the #communities that exist out here. Simply click or tap here.

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Are We All Allies Now?

In a manner of speaking, yes. We are all part of one larger community, regardless who we choose or choose not to associate with, and that is the #STEEM chain. From small groups like @buddyup and @welcomewagon to larger ones like @minnowsupport, we are all here together in the same ocean. As for being an actual member of The Alliance Family, one would have to negotiate the twisted labyrinth of oddities and formalities contained in witness @enginewitty‘s mind. It would also be appreciated if you read the Castle Rules.

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The Alliance Is

one big happy family, and it is our duty to uphold our standard as #quality #curators and creators. Keeping that in mind as you read the rest of this, do remember that it is the engagement that makes us great and thrive as a community. If you want to know who your family members are, this profile follows **ONLY** our members, their #support accounts and other #communities and causes we support. Our strength is only as powerful as the community in its combined efforts to support each other. We all appreciate those that are helping us grow faster by delegating SP or contributing some of their hard earned SBD/STEEM to @thealliance or any of our other support accounts. You know who you are!

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We Do Have

our own tag that is highly useful for members to find each other’s posts. It may be used by people to get our attention with. We also have a loose hierarchy in place as some people have simply been here a long time and are #dedicated to family activity. We have a strong #spanish community within our walls as well. There are many ways one can support and be supported by the family. If you want to join us, the best thing to do is #ask.

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The Underlying Goal

of giving our server an open door policy is to embrace community on a broader level. We are hoping that by being more accepting of people that want to hang out with us, it will strengthen their resolve to remain on the chain and at the same time, when new people come to #STEEM, we want them to have a good experience and a warm place to lay their head. STEEM is our home. We aren’t going anywhere. Oh and one more thing while you’re here – REMEMBER TO BE YOU!


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A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like #family.

~ @bluefinstudios ~
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Want to support the fam too?
Join #thealliance curation trail!
Delegate to the @alliedforces!

Are you on @themothership? Well, climb aboard!
Do you need ground support? Enlist the help of @a11y!

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“We may not all be on the same page, but we can all read from the same book.” – @thehive
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