It is time to get your thinking caps on! Everyone in The Alliance has a story to tell about how you became a family member. Let’s share our own stories of how we came to call The Alliance our family.

The Alliance was founded by none other than Witness @Enginewitty. Enginewitty is a man I am proud to call Brother. He is a man with a huge giving heart. He is quiet about this part of his life. Enginewitty is not one to go around telling tales of how wonderful he, himself, is. I love that about him. It’s about the actions of a person that count, not the stories they can tell about how wonderful they are.

My (@Snook) most smile invoking story about Enginewitty is of a night long ago. I wrote him a DM, Discord message, asking how to delegate my Steem to someone. I went on to explain to him when it comes to technical things, I need it explained to me like he would to a five-year-old. With Enginewitty having three small daughters, I felt he could relate to the level of explanation I was asking for.

Being the gentleman he is, he doesn’t talk down to women. I respect that quality in any person. The words of explanation on how to delegate gave me a headache. It was all Greek to me, as the saying goes.

I proceeded to send a DM right back to him asking if what he just wrote to me was how he would explain delegating to his 5-year-old daughter.

I could hear him thinking on the other end.

I could see him in my mind rereading the directions he had sent to me. I received back the word “no”. 😹

I asked Enginewitty to please try again to explain how to delegate. A minute later I received a reply from him.

The DM was full of screenshots with arrows and simple directions to follow. He then stayed on standby in case I had any questions while I delegated some of my Steem Power to someone else on the Steem Blockchain for the first time.

Enginewitty at no time made me feel stupid when I wrote him back with more questions.

It takes a special kind of person to be able to achieve that.

His kindness that night, even years later, still makes me smile thinking about it.

Each day I am on Steem, surrounded by people that care and make you feel human, is a special feeling I can not explain. I can not imagine Steem without having The Alliance, run by @Enginewitty, by my side.

I can not be the only person who feels this way. I think it would be so cool to read everyone’s stories of how they ended up in The Alliance. To help matters along I am going to tag a few people to get things started off. Yes, I know!! You can all thank me later!

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