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A few have asked me about #thealliance, questions such as , what is it, what do they do etc etc so I thought a short post with my thoughts on the alliance may be a good post to share.

But before I get into that let me, just note that this photo is taken on the Boardwalk at Silver sands one evening back in summer on a lovely warm evening and it took me a while to get a moment when there was no one walking on this part of the Boardwalk.

OK back to #thealliance

Not long after I joined Steemit I was fumbling along, not really knowing to much about how the site worked and getting confused about what I should be doing, how to do it etc etc, you know the learning curve all of us have when we first start on Steemit.

I thought to myself it would be good if there was some sort of community where people, helped each other and share knowledge and tips, but I was at a loss as where to find that.

And then

I received an invite to join something called #thealliance on discord chat, now my initial reaction was I am not a chat sort of person so why would i join this group.

But then I thought it wasn’t to long ago I would have also said I am not a blogger but here I am on what is a blogging site and community and slowly transitioning from posting just photos to actually expanding and writing a bit more about the photo or place and my feelings about it,
So taking that into account and from how I was told #thealliance was a group of original content creators supporting each other as a community, I decided what the heck let me give this a go.

It was one of the best decisions I made early on here, I have meet a wonderful bunch of people who post such interesting content is a wide variety of subjects, from photographers like me to poets, story tellers, Homesteaders etc etc etc.

There are no strict rules with #thealliance we foster a sense of community and family to support each other, check the posts from fellow members and interact with those whose posts interest you or trigger some interaction.

But more importantly for me is simply put a community of quality content creators, who are sort of like an extended family who help each other in various ways, we follow those who post content we appreciate, we support these in the normal ways, but we also at times have quite an active chat in here, where we help newcomers, share things we find and just generally try to help build up ourselves, our alliance allies and the alliance and steemit in general though this sense of community and support

The chat in the discord server can varie from why is this or that not working such as the issues with Steemvoter of recent, How to do this or that, to discussing ideas and fun discussion which on all sorts of topics which often may spin off and give people ideas for new posts.

#haturday is a case in point one of our core members @saffisari posted a photo of her wearing a hat recently and a fun discussion happened in chat and the tag #haturday has become popular with many of the alliance are posting photos of themselves in hats

The Alliance has grown since I joined and has broken expanded into the core or original alliance and three Syndicates affiliated to and part of #thealliance , Alpha, Beta and Gamma Syndicates which is where you will first start if you join the alliance, I am one of the leaders or as I prefer to think of it guides in Gamma Syndicate and trying help to foster and grow our community.

So to finish off , if you want to join and be part of a community of original quality content creators who and interact and be part of a fun and helpful community do swing by and check out the #thealliance.

We do have a review process to join #thealliance that is primarily to ensure people who join are posting original contain and not plagiarizing others work, or spamming the community.


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