Welcome to the new releases music section on TheAlliance Blog! I will be giving you the scoop on some of the hottest producers and musicians on the Steem Blockchain. And for the first post, I got some brand new awesome musical goodness for ya.

First up, check out @d-vine and @onemedia with their brand new collab – Alien Abduction

“Needing to get some Broken Beats out of my system I laid down the groundwork for Alien Abduction. Zig @onemedia added his wonderful flavor in his rad style, recorded the pipe-organ & guitar then sent it back to me. Let there be said, some Alien Abduction was going on during the process, ehehe!”

Next Up, Got a sweet @nickyhavey remix of Heavy Weight by @wav-dr & @soundlegion

“Remixes for tracks off the first Wav-Legion collaborative fusion album are dropping for listeners on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more. Get these tracks in your playlists and support this huge Blockchain Artist Collaborative Sound Movement.”

Speaking of… you can check out Hello City by @wav-dr & @soundlegion

“Today we dropped a new sneak track release on Choon and Musicoin “Hello City” This is the 3rd official track drop for the new up and coming album Wav-Legion II.”

Next up we have a collab by fambalam @tygertyger & @jeffleinwand – Love You Too

“So I had this unfinished song and I showed it to @jeffleinwand and asked him if he wanted to play with it and he said yes. He asked me what I wanted done and I said” I give you creative freedom – go nuts” and nuts he went! I present to you The fembot Lovesong – Enjoy!”

And it’s time we get a lil krazy up in here, check out another fambalam member @krazypoet with his song – Awaking Life This is a chill, ambient track that will get you in a relaxed state of mind, give a listen!

Got another chill collab by @junkfeathers & @tygertyger – Soon

“Can you tell I love collaborations with TygerTyger? She makes it so easy! Plus, I wouldn’t be releasing a song today if she didn’t lovingly and relentlessly push and poke me to do my part. Hope you enjoy!!”

And last, but not least got a brand new song from @d-vine, Why Do You Think I Don’t Check it out and give a listen! Go on you know want too. 😉

“My heart is breaking knowing how her world has been turned upside-down, all those emotions crashing in on her. Feeling her pain & helpless not to take that away I had to create, Why Do You Think I Don’t.”

These are some great collaborations between artists on Steemit, and if you get a few minutes and want to lift your spirits with some awesome tunes, give a listen! Show your support for these talented people… just sayin! 😉 You can also check out their Choon Artists Pages here:








Well, that’s it for this Vol 1! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for musical goodness coming your way in the very near future… Peace Out! 




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