Hello Fam! Welcome to another edition of Music Mondays. Yes I decided to change the name, because you never know what might be coming your way, and it really depends on my musical mood as it were. LOL 😀

Today we are going to listen to Like A Storm – Catacombs! This band’s genre is supposed to be hard rock and post grunge, however I disagree, they really do not fit into that box. This is one of those albums that I can listen to the whole way through and be satisfied. Not that heavy, but with enough edge to keep it interesting. The band is from New Zealand, and you will find that they incorporate the didgeridoo into their music, and I can totally get into it, what’s not to like here?

The first selection we are going to listen to is The Devil Inside.

Make me believe I’m human
Make me believe I’m not the voice in my mind
I don’t believe all the wrong I’ve done is forgiven
Make me believe I’m living
Make me believe I’m not the face that I hide
I don’t believe another day I can breathe so forsaken

Can you see my disease
Can not hide what’s inside

(Chorus x2)
I’m moving paralyzed
And living hypnotized
Hit right between the eyes
Living with the Devil inside

This is an awesome song, and I don’t get tired of listening to it. Just the right amount of key ingredients to make it great. 😉

Next up we got Complicated(Stitches and Scars).

I blame myself for this world I’ve created
In this place I have waited and faded
I have suffered for all I believed in
Just to see it all fall to pieces
Just breath it in
The bitter taste of it all gone to waste
Just breath it in The bitter taste of the truth that we face

It’s so complicated (Nothing to say)
When all we are is fading (Slipping away)
It’s complicated (Words only betray)
Tell me is this all that we are? Stitches and scars Stitches and scars

Another nice track, easy on the ears too. And it only gets better, with Bullet In The Head.

I need you like a bullet in the head
Bullet in the head

You’re like a beautiful sickness
You’re like a knife against my wrist
Each breath I suffocate in you
You’re like the voice of my madness
You’re like a noose around my neck
Each breath I suffocate in you

How many nights I lie awake?
How many days until I break?
How many lies are left to say?
All for nothing!

I want (You) (Like a bullet in the head!)
I need (You) (Like a bullet in the head!)
I feel you under my skin
(I need you) (Like a bullet in the head!)

And last but not least have a listen to Pure Evil. 🙂

Wipe that smile off your face
You immaculate disgrace
‘Cause heaven knows
A prayer won’t save you now

You wear the halo of a saint
To hide the venom of a snake
Built your kingdom on a lie
So watch it all come crashing down now

You prophet of hate
You profit from faith
Truth-less, two-faced, two bit
Fuckin’ hypocrite

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
The day has come
To pay for what you’ve done
Sinner revealed
Tell me how does it feel?
So pure within your soul
Pure evil

Another badass song. And like I sad earlier, these guys do not fit into that box, this is more like hard rock meets metal core. I definitely get a anti-religious overtone throughout that whole of Catacombs, and I am good with that too. Nice guitar work, nice low end, awesome vocals with a dash of the occasional scream… a solid album all around.

So if you haven’t heard of this band before I highly suggest that you give it a solid run for the money. And feel free to blame it on me, if you dig the album.. go head! 😀 So check it out, and if you like it, get it from the link below.

Release Date: June 22nd 2018

Genre: Hard Rock, Metalcore

Amazon Link: Catacombs

Spotify Link: Catacombs

Website: Like A Storm

Peace out people! @inthenow



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