Welcome to another edition of Music Monday’s! Sorry I have been away for a few days, not feeling so tuff, but.. we are back in action!

For today’s selection we are going to be listening to Alice In Chains latest album, Rainier Fog. I’ve been listening to this album since it came out, and I have to say that I really love it, and it brings back some of that old school AIC flavor. The first song we are going to hear is the title track of the album, Rainier Fog. This one is awesome, it starts off with some of that Cantrell guitar and who could get sick of hearing that? Take a listen:

Some things last, sometimes you never get over
Live in the past, you find out it’s hard to stay sober
My see-through skin like Eurythane
Lost and then found, on view for all and I wouldn’t trade

You’d never know a long time ago you were frowning
Thinkin’ it over It’s raining down, and somehow you know

It reminds me why I even care anymore
You can find me writhing in the ghost of a song
Rising through the Rainier fog

Next up we got Deaf Ears Blind Eyes, and the vocals are bad ass, the harmonies are spot on with that AIC sound.

Sinking below view
Time’s been a wastin’
Alone in a full room
Nobody plays in

I own everything
Whine all set on eleven
I own everything
Cries a soul on fire

Hurt does surround you
Blinded and tied on
Numbness engulfs truth
Let bygones be bygones

I own everything
Whine all set on eleven
I own everything
Cries a soul on fire

Next up is perhaps my favorite song from the album, Maybe. Some songs just hit ya in the face, and make you go… hmm? Hell yeah, I love it. LOL 😀

Long gone the days of summer
In L.A. it stretches longer
Fading, waiting
Try to heal but the pain it won’t go
Start with less always seems to cost more
Hating, breaking

Remember, come December
One day can last forever
Ain’t nowhere that’s safe for a lowly pretender
I’m shooting straight for the target center

Maybe you should know
I’m feeling lonely and I’m tired, oh yeah
Maybe I should go
Got no desire to watch the last tear fall
Maybe this will show
I’m reeling, empty, uninspired, oh yeah
Maybe I don’t know
You anymore and I’m smiling
Our burden is untied
Let it die

And lastly we are going to give a listen to Red Giant, which kicks it off with some awesome riffs and vocal harmonies. This one is a slower as well, and has that old school vibe goin on.

I play the clown for you
Entertaining, absurd hue
And I watch them laugh, I’d love to
See them clap and dance to my tune

Blowing up like a red giant, expansive, a star
And I’m coming to burn this down and laugh my ass off

All my children sing it again and again
‘Cause a lie ain’t a lie if you’re winnin’ ’em over

I act on stage up here
Toying with your own fears
Misdirection I’m so near
Simple sleight of hand, in the clear

This is another album that I can listen to straight on through and not be disappointed. If you are a fan of Alice In Chains you will like this album! Everything is spot on with this one, so what’s not to love? And yes… I know what the cover looks like, and it’s not really that important, because the music speaks for itself. So after hearing the songs above, and ya dig em, check out the whole enchilada, and if you are into, buy it.

Release Date: August 24 2018

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Amazon Link: Rainier Fog

Spotify Link: Rainier Fog

Website: Alice In Chains

Peace Out People!



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