Misunderstandings and improper communication. These are very much related. More than you realize.

When two people have a conversation and one person unknowingly blurts out an inappropriate word or phrase which was not meant to intentionally harm or insult the other, misunderstandings arise and things get out of hand.

It can be rectified if the person hurt is very gentle and kind in nature but what if the person is not good enough and does not understand an apology. Then, the situation becomes ugly and leads to heated words, arguments and so on.

If it is between two strangers, it is easily forgotten because the two persons do not have a personal connection. What if the persons involved are family members or in the worst-case scenario, the spouse. It would take a huge effort to remove the hurt thus caused and a long time to forget the hurt that was caused.

So, speak carefully always and be sure to check what you have written down in the case of chat rooms.

It takes only a second to create misunderstandings whereas it would be a great effort to create a genuine friendship that will stand the tests of time.

The wise speak few words and that is why they are respected everywhere

It is like a comparison between two people who like to converse and one of them, likes to talk a  lot whereas the other remains quiet and speaks only when it is unavoidable and necessary for the betterment of those who are listening. The one who talks a lot eventually ends up blurting stuff even if unintentionally and thus hurts the listener. The wise person never really takes to heart any event and is therefore detached and happy.

Be detached

Be happy

Speak wisely


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written by@sayee for @thealliance


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