Long beans – A bundle or how much you wish to prepare

salt – as you require


turmeric powder – a pinch

oil for seasoning and frying – about two tablespoons

mustard seeds and red chilly for seasoning

If you like, you can add sliced green chilies too.


Break the beans into small pieces as shown in the picture. de-seed those that are too hard to cook. Pour water into a wok and add the beans along with salt and turmeric powder and cook well.

Strain the water and keep the beans in a utensil. Pour the oil into the wok and season the mustard seeds and red chilies. If you like, you can add the green chilies and curry leaves too. The beans can then be added and stir slowly till it is done. Check to see if the salt is right or add powdered salt if necessary and stir. Serve in a dish.

Always add less salt in the beginning. Too much salt cannot be reduced easily. If you feel that there is too much salt in a curry, add curry paste or buttermilk to balance it.


image source – sayee

written by @sayee for @thealliance



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