It’s the first week of February 2019 and as everyone can see, we already have members of The Alliance from all over the globe sending in photos and writing posts in which PEACE is being spread via our Steem blockchain.

For those who are not yet informed about it all, check it out:

Simply take a selfie of yourself with the world recognized 2 finger symbol for PEACE,

or if you are camera shy, then just take a photo of your hand as shown below:

You can choose to stay anonymous and not post about it, in which case you can simply send your photo to @enginewitty, but we would love to see you too spreading this gesture of PEACE all over our Steem blockchain!

If you haven’t yet done it, then what are you waiting for, grab that phone and take a snapshot and post away!

Signing out for @thealliance

“The nutty sidekick”



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