Life is full of surprises,

marked by attitudes and biases.

Either all are made to work like robots,

doing the same thing,

eating the same junk food,

having the same ‘fun’ weekend

and time goes by.

Thinking out of the box is rare

The few who do it dare

both others’ opinion and their lives

but then complacency is for the mundane

Those who risk may lose something

but learn along the way

experience and defeat are the best teachers

that make us perfect along the way

Success is for those who ‘think’ and ‘act’

and they who are disciplined and balanced

Those that are extreme

will not achieve much

Hence, do not waste your youth

be self-controlled, disciplined, balanced and honest

image source – free pixabay image used earlier in Alliance post and now in album

written by @sayee for @thealliance




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“We may not all be on the same page, but we can all read from the same book.” – @thehive
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