Have you ever wondered if the person you meet online is for real or if he/she is a fake?

There are many ways to check if a person is genuine as they may sound.

For example, the username can be seached online and the browser will come up with results and images if there are. Websites do require a certain amount of information and therefore, if we search about a person, we are provided with this information within seconds.

If a person befriends you online, first check out if he has an fb profile. Many people post about themselves on social sites and this will be available for those who seek information. Well, this can be bad too but it is better to be transparent than hide information which can cause trouble later on.

What about Linked In?

It is good too. A distant cousin of mine bragged that she was the in top board of a company. Linked In gave me the answer. She had left her job years back and was on the lookout. What made me suspicious was the way she was trying to put down a cousin’s wife who was well placed. Jealousy could have made her do it perhaps but sites like Linked In is useful for checking validity of claim.

There are other ways too to find out about a person but I am not an ethical hacker.

Next time, someone befriends you online and especially when your children are involved, be careful.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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