She was petrified! There was a zombie standing near her rose plant. Eeks. It was like the huge troll in the first movie of the Harry Potter series. Light greyish and walking straight towards her. The eyes were red and it was drooling blood. The nails, huh. Full of filth and slimy substances and fleshy strings hanging out from the tip as if it had scratched a live being just that moment.

She stood in terror. Unable to make a sound even, she tried to run but her legs would not move. Luckily, the zombie was not looking at her. Instead, it was searching for the human next to it. Wait, was it short-sighted like her and could not even spot her. Maybe, it was because of the look, it was not focussed. She should do a bit of reading on zombie behavior. She wondered if anyone had written about it, at all. Anyways, it would be better to read about it later and run now. She turned and tried to run when her foot caught on a creeper and she fell head down.

Thud! She woke up with a start. She had dozed while trying to write and her head had hit the table. She would be zombified if she did not take rest, she thought and crashed on the bed.

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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