How many people actually care about the planet and think about means of preserving nature?

I am sure most humans will have read about animals becoming extinct, the deforestation, amazon fires and so on but only a few handfuls take it to their heart and think, speak and act upon it.

Even if anybody does get vocal about nature and preserving its beauty, someone or another starts to spread slander and abuse them. Especially, if the protest is against people of importance.

As a commoner, we can do several things to help preserve the planet and make sure that future generations live in a pollution-free environment.


How to go about it?
  • stop using plastic bags
  • grow plants if you possibly can
  • purchase groceries in bulk and thus avoid multiple trips to the store and increased number of packages
  • clear out the unwanted stuff inside and outside your house and dispose of it properly
  • if possible, try to walk to nearby places instead of using your vehicle
  • switch off your refrigerator for at least two hours a day
  • do not waste water
  • try to conserve rainwater
  • please do not purchase stuff like corals or animal products because it encourages illegal trade in such items
  • stop consuming factory farm produce
  • make sure organic products are indeed organic
  • try to include home-cooked meals in your diet
  • spread the message of ‘GO GREEN’ through social media accounts and also to friends and family
  •  try to build a garden in your backyard or at least as a terrace garden
  • include the holy basil plant in your garden – the leaves are very good and can be eaten as such to cure cough, cold and sore throat
  • leave a bowl of water outside for birds, especially during the summer

These are just a few of the ways by which we can do our bit to help preserve nature and reduce pollution.


Written by @sayee for @thealliance


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