“It’s so lovely to meet you!” It was said in a way that immediately made him feel special, the long-lost family member and he felt happy. She made him feel so. It was lovely meeting him and get to know more about him.
He was, after all, her long lost brother. He had to make up for the lost time and she too and so they went out together and had a great time catching up.

In the end, she asked him why he had left the family at such an early age. He did not want to talk about it, she felt and so she did not press further and make him feel uncomfortable.

He could see the pain in her eyes. Her skin was beginning to look wrinkled. He felt sorry that he had not stayed to see her when she was in her youth. He had seen her during her childhood days and he saw her now but not her young days.

They talked for a while and agreed to meet during the weekend at her house. He watched her walk back, a spring in her steps. He felt as if he had got back a piece of his soul. Life was full again.


This was written using the prompt generator in https://www.squibler.io/writing-prompt-generator as suggested by @mariannewest

It is a challenge you should take up and it helps improve typing speed also.


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