Meditating on the higher power

you may call ‘Him’ by any name

it could be a ‘She’

and maybe a ‘Light’

so powerful

just to remind you are but a ‘mite’

Listen to your conscience

the voice that can be heard in the silence

do as it directs you

and gives you that ‘gut’ feeling

whether to take the step forward or not

People fight over religion and as you all know, there are a few maniacs who kill others who are innocent. They do not even consider others as just as human and deserve to live peacefully. They do not spare children and even pregnant women when they shower bombs or shoot at sight.

Religion was founded by prophets so that the nomadic man would live a civilized life and not fight with each other. It is high time that the man of today realizes that love is the underlying message of all religions and that one should help the others on the planet and spread joy instead of terror.

Every child deserves to live a happy and peaceful life. Let us all do away with hatred and enmity and selfishness.

Faiths may be different and cultures too

but the planet is big enough

to hold me and you too

image source

By @sayee for @thealliance



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