Freedom to yawn

stretch out the legs

lie down simply

and stare nowhere

drinking a glass of cool lemonade

admiring the crashing waves

munching on peanuts

not willing to move even an inch

some days I wish

life could have a slower pace

we humans are now in a rat race

we get up and are wound with a key

duties to be done

chores to complete

if there is a spare minute

you take rest

but look up at the clock

and you are late again

holidays are no more the same

the mobile reminds you

to look at the notification

again and again


Just think for a moment. Is this not true? Have you ever wished for a long vacation and be free of all work-related responsibility and just enjoy life? Most of us cannot afford an overseas trip or luxurious vacations but it would be nice to have time off and spend a day or two without having anything to do.

Recharge your life battery and be refreshed.

written by @sayee for @thealliance

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