Childhood in my time was more relaxed. TV shows such as Fraggle rock was shown only once a week. So, children had the patience to wait for a week and watch their favorite shows. Other shows of the time were Small Wonder – a series on a family and their female robot. Cartoons included He-Man and Spiderman.

Times have changed. People do not have time to relax anymore and TV is not at all about family bonding time. There are news channels sensationalizing ordinary matters, reality shows blowing up worthless people and shows for kids that don’t even have any hint of softness in it. People need instant gratification and so, the ratings of shows determine a channel’s success.

Hope that people remember to live their real-life once in a while.

Want to live life without the gadget?

Take a walk in nature

Go do some fishing

Enroll for a gym class or yoga class

Start to clean your room

Talk with friends from your school over phone, no texting

Visit relatives

Engage in a hobby

Make some food

If you were able to not touch your mobile for an hour at least, it is a good sign that you can live without being a slave to your gadget.



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