Once you try

you win a time

confident again

you try some more

but lose time and again

defeat can be sour

but it can teach more

learn from falling

get up and walk again

life is the best teacher

which teaches you to be the best in the game

There are many instances when we lose confidence and won’t even feel like meeting other people but we should not lose confidence because if we lose hope and faith and confidence, we will surely lose the game of life.

Remember that we are our own enemies. That is a reminder to me too because I often lose confidence and do not even bother to try. The fear that creeps inside prevents me from even speaking it aloud, even. So, give up that fear and get up and start your actions.

Always think that you are the best and be proud of your self no matter if you have achieved anything else or not.

God bless

written by @sayee for @thealliance

image source – gallery


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