# Hola Steem Land!

At the last ‘family meeting’, we had an idea. We decided that we should do some things together – as a family – and embrace what community can be.
One thing we have never seen on the platform is a true ‘group effort’ in reference to challenges and contests. As a family, we are a team, and so we are going to be entering the #dailypetphotography contest by @dpet every Saturday!

This collaboration is open to anyone that resides in the castle. We have set up a channel for pictures (with short descriptions) of your pets and we will include them all in a single post. Whoever contributes to the post, will split the rewards of it. 50% will go to @saffisara for volunteering to write it, and the rest will be divided equally among the participants. If we win, we will all get an equal share of the prize as well. Sound good? We thought so too.

So lets do this together and share our pets and let them shine 😍


Bobby Who loves cozy evenings on the couch while his mommy @saffisara watches some movie and cuddles with her baby 🤗

# Here’s the ones entering this week

Meet Tramp a new rescue kitten that @ShadowsPub took into her home.

Her addition brings about new company for Hobo. Hobo has been quite lonely since the passing of her older siblings over the course of the past year and is excited to have a new little sister to play with. Hobo will be teaching Tramp how to use a computer and relieve some of the stress Shadow herself may attain from typing all day.


Meet Canela, a dog that belongs to @crisangel’s uncle!


Meet @enginewitty’s Lovely Maddux, here with his dad!

This is Maddux. He’s my Great Dane and likes to hog the furniture. Here, he is trying to budge my pops off the porch swing so he can stretch out and relax a little bit. The other night, I was on the way to pick up my son from work and thought I saw a deer. Then I thought, that’s too big for a deer. That’s too dark for a deer. Turned out Maddux was marking his territory 3 miles down the road at the new neighbor’s house. Ha!


Meet Kodi @dfinney’s dog Who is enoying the clean…. Laundry!


Meet Laya she is @brisby’s kitten and here happily snuggled!

Thank you for entering and letting us meet your adorable pets and Who can resist the eyes of a cat and dog? 🙈 I know I can’t… Lol

Good luck everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend amazing peeps and give your pet a BIG HUG 🐕🤗🐈

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