Imagine reconnecting with old friends from school after about thirty years through social media app groups. The excitement, the catching up on each other and whatnot. At first, people post continuously and even forget to concentrate on daily chores or activities. Slowly, the excitement dies down and posts are limited to morning wishes or repeated forwards.

Then comes the latecomer who is added. The one who joined school just a year before graduation. The student who is not connected with others like the others who studied together right from kindergarten. The one who wants to impress the boys in the class and puts forward political hints, baiting those who like to discuss.

The above is a real incident and happened in my school group. Well, where politics is involved, there will be differences of opinion and arguments. Many have left the group, so much for bonding and all that. They realized that real life was more important than arguing over matters that just increased animosity.

Another discussion that created tension was veganism and those who adopted it trying to force it down the throats of others. That did not go well, either. As a result, there is no exchange of greetings even. Just a flurry of messages in case someone remembered a birthday thanks to facebook reminder.

Trying to prove popularity by gaming others is a big no-no whether it be in real life or internet life. 

written by @sayee for #thealliance

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