Charity is a great act of kindness and we often see organizations seeking help from kind people to donate money so that they can help feed people. It is good that many people do this and helps a lot of people across the world.

However, it is also good to donate food as such so that hungry people are fed immediately. A lot of organizations do that too. Youtube is full of videos of people, temples, and others donating food to the hungry. A heartwarming picture with old and homeless people being given hot food and their smiles actually warm the heart even though we are just onlookers.

Why not teach a person a skill so that they do not have to go hungry again? Old and homeless people have to be looked after but the younger ones need not depend on charity.

If people are healthy but yet jobless and without means of providing for themselves, they can be adopted by communities and taught skills or given jobs according to their skills or education so that they do not have to go hungry.

Steemit and blogging can also be introduced to such persons and if they are interested, they can take up the challenge and create their own blog and start earning. It would also be a means to bring out their creative side.

If you come across such people, spend a few minutes and try to help them out instead of just giving them temporary happiness.

Steem and its related dapps have the power to change lives and have already done so through the various communities. One among the first would be @thealliance

Contact @enginewitty if you would like to be a part of it.

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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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