Netflix and Amazon Prime. Never heard of twenty years before and do not know if it will still exist twenty years hence.

Increased competition in the entertainment industry is actually beneficial to the customer. The people of India were paying high rates for slow internet until Jio came to the scene. Nowadays, all service providers in the telecom industry are vying with each other to provide high-speed internet at low rates or be ousted from the field.

The same can be said for the entertainment industry. The rules changed last year and people are paying fewer fees and only for the channels they choose to watch through their set-top boxes. The service providers are now all set to release set-top boxes that will be able to help the user download apps of Netflix and prime and watch it even if they do not own a smart TV. Competition has helped the customer indeed.

Just today, I saw an ad about a set-top box that will allow a user to use any such services simultaneously. However, I wondered why the ordinary human being is made to think that he cannot do without all this?

Is it necessary to watch Amazon Prime or Netflix originals show? Why pay to watch when one can instead focus on one’s own life and get on with real-life entertainment rather than reel life.

Do you have accounts with both the services? What do you feel?


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written by @sayee for @thealliance


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