Day 732: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday – Prompt: gut feeling

Timer set

The air was still. There was a  feeling that we were blanketed by a wet and invisible something which we could not explain. The sun had not risen but the darkness was melting. 


The gut feeling that we were near a water body; a massive water body made us shiver. Torchlight did not help and we waited. The birds which usually chirped during the morning hours were absent. Dead silence. It was eerie that the silence made its presence known. Then came a shout which broke the silence. Followed by shrieking and cries for help. Both my husband and I thought we would lose it and ran towards the back yard and stopped all of a sudden. The sun had risen and all we saw was water, water which had taken over what had been our banana farm. A huge expanse of water and water alone. A few banana leaves could be seen on the tip of the water. Our house was on the higher ground and so it had escaped. 

It took us a radio broadcast to understand that the dams had overflowed. All 33 of them for such a tiny state – Kerala. 

End of the timer but I will explain. 

The Kerala floods of 2018, August 16. Inaccurate predictions of rainfall, incompetent leaders, irresponsible officers, and man’s nature to pollute the rivers and illegal encroachment of rivers and lands and deforestation; all led to the floods which took hundreds of lives that day. 

As for us, we had to shift and lived in a neighbor’s house for a few days until the water receded. 

(image – sayee, photo of the actual flood)


written by @sayee for @thealliance



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