Day 731: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday – Prompt: inappropriately dressed

Timer set for five minutes

There was a time when society was divided into two groups – the civilized and the uncivilized. The civilized were always dressed properly and more so on the occasions of social gatherings. There was no one who was dressed inappropriately. Even if someone turned up like that, they were refused entry and sent back.

The years have passed and technology has leaped and along with it, the way society behaves has also changed. If a  person from the past came now on a time travel machine would be aghast on visiting a shopping mall. The youth are dressed informally and do not mind wearing clothes that are completely mismatched and loose or in some cases too tight that you will wonder why the stitches are not bursting.

Once, when I visited a mall in our city which claims to be the biggest on the continent, I was dressed in a saree. A young couple was standing behind me while on the elevator and the man looked at me strangely and smirked visibly, probably thinking that I who was clothed top to bottom was inappropriately dressed. I had the decency not to smirk back. To each, their own.

End of freewrite

It was a great prompt and made me want to write about it although I am attempting this after a long gap.

Thanks to @mariannewest for continuing the freewrite initiative and to all those writers who do it each and every single day.


written by @sayee for @thealliance

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